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Off-Day Open Thread: Looking Ahead to 2010

A few days ago, I commented that an eventful year was coming to a close for the Orlando Magic and I asked the community what its favorite memory was from 2009. As I've stated in the past, there's no wrong answer.


Now, I want to know what everyone is looking forward to in 2010 from the team.


Is it the opening of the Amway Center? Their first trip to the playoffs with Vince Carter leading the way? Their two regular-season NBA Finals rematches with the Los Angeles Lakers, with the possibility of meeting them again in June? The rap album Ryan Anderson and J.J. Redick plan to put out? The remote odds of landing the likes of Dwyane Wade or Carlos Boozer when they enter free agency? Lots of possibilities, so there isn't a poll attached to his post. It's completely open-ended. Let's hear it in the comments.