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Orlando Magic "Pay it Forward"

<em>Photo is courtesy of Gary Bassing/Orlando Magic.</em>
Photo is courtesy of Gary Bassing/Orlando Magic.

Via the Orlando Magic:


The Orlando Magic celebrated Christmas in a BIG way surprising the McKinley family during the Magic vs. Celtics matchup on Christmas day.  The Magic, Warner Brothers and Chick-fil-A showered the family of five with gifts and other items to assist them through difficult times. 


To keep it all a surprise, the McKinley family was invited to the game as the "Magic family" for the afternoon.  At halftime the revelation occurred, they were given a $5,000 check from the Magic along with a flat screen TV, DVD player, digital camera, Wii game system; Warner Brothers donated $1,000 to the family along with toys, clothes, video games, DVDs; and Chick-fil-A will supply the McKinley’s with a "family meal card" which will provide the entire family with a meal at Chick-fil-A each day for one year.  The entire day was an experience to remember as a town car picked up/will take home the family from the game and they all had lunch in the Cannon Club.