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Pre-Game Media Availability with Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy

Before the Orlando Magic face off against the New York Knicks tonight, I was able to speak briefly with head coach Stan Van Gundy amongst the media.


Here's what he had to say:


Vince Carter has been very aggressive attacking the basket the past couple of games, is that something you'd like to see him continue to do?

I want to see it all the time, yeah. [Him] being on the attack and being very aggressive offensively is very, very important for us.

You talked about the pick and roll defense yesterday, what improvements are you looking for with that tonight against the [New York] Knicks?

Well, I mean, it's hard, this is a very good pick and roll team and to be quite honest, we've had trouble guarding them for a couple of years so they always score a lot of points, a lot of people have trouble guarding them, but we certainly have. We got no real tricks up our sleeves, it's just a matter of trying to do what we do better and harder. Hopefully we don't make as many mistakes, hopefully we're a little bit earlier on our rotations, and playing with better intensity and focus so nothing real new, nothing innovative, just try to do what we do.