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Orlando Magic News for December 2nd: Ryan Anderson Outplays Brandon Bass, but Bass Still Practices Hard

  • A look at the Orlando Magic's best and worst 5-man units

    Orlando Magic Daily looks at some key stats for specific Orlando Magic five-man units. Most interesting to me is that the best and worst lineup has four constants. The variable? In the best lineup, Ryan Anderson plays power forward; in the worst, it's Brandon Bass. The stats are pretty staggering, if not a bit limited by sample size.

  • Magic to use same lineup tonight against the Knicks; Stan Van Gundy says Brandon Bass shows improvement and energy

    Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel reports that Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is fairly pleased with Bass, though, despite the fact that Bass has fallen out of the rotation:

    Van Gundy said PF Brandon Bass has shown a lot of improvement with his team defense over the last week and continues to practice with great energy despite his recent lack of playing time.

  • BDL's Award Tour: MVP, Most Improved, Coach, ROY
    It's early, but Van Gundy ranks atop Kelly Dwyer's leaderboard in Coach of the Year Rankings.

    In an award that could, deservedly, go to a dozen coaches at this point, Van Gundy gets our call. The Magic coach has been working with a rotation that looks nothing like what got him to the Finals last season, myriad injuries and suspensions, and a series of rotating starting lineups. No matter. Fifth in defense, tied for first in the East. On pace for 64 wins. And that's after the "rough" month.

  • Toronto Raptors will honor Hedo Turkoglu with a Husky bobblehead
    Stan has guided the Magic to a 14-4 record without Hedo Turkoglu, who played well for them over the last 2 seasons. His new team, the Toronto Raptors, will honor him with a bobblehead night, reports Matt Humphrey of the Orlando Sentinel. But there's a twist, which always seems to be the case with Hedo:

    However, this Turkoglu doll won't sport the duds of his new team. It will feature a Toronto Huskies jersey when it's distributed prior to the Raptors-T-Wolves game Dec. 8 at Air Canada Centre.

  • Iverson Is Back (Depressed Fan)
    Allen Iverson has signed with the Philadelphia 76ers for a non-guaranteed, minimum contract. Some Magic fans called for Orlando GM Otis Smith to sign Iverson once Jameer Nelson suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee, but Smith stood the course and trusted the veterans Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson.
  • Magic Convinced Iverson's Still a Starter
    Tim Povtak of AOL FanHouse discussed Iverson with some Magic players and coaches at practice yesterday and filed this report:

    Take it from one team that still must face the Philadelphia 76ers three more times this season: Allen Iverson will make them better and considerably tougher to play.


    "Nobody at his age (34) is the same as they were at 26-27, but he still has a lot left in the tank,'' said Magic coach Stan Van Gundy. "And he can still score a lot of points. He'll bring incredible energy and intensity every night. He'll bring toughness.''