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What They're Saying Before the Orlando Magic Face Off Against the Miami Heat

  • Chalmers may have to wait his turn
    Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel explains why Heat coach Erik Spoelstra benched point guard Mario Chalmers in favor of Carlos Arroyo.

    Apparently, Mario Chalmers didn't escape with just a mere a warning.

    Instead, he very much is going to have to go to court to beat this rap.

    Wednesday, Chalmers was back working with the second unit, after being stripped of his starting position following one of what apparently have been many late practice arrivals. While it initially appeared that Carlos Arroyo's Tuesday start at point guard was a one-shot deal, that may not be the case.
  • Evaluating the Evaluator
    Michael Wallace of The Miami Herald shares Pat Riley's thoughts "on the team's performance and expectations this season" ...

    "I think we're right where we are, with nine other teams, with the opportunity to run past a No. 4 team. So Cleveland is four games ahead of us, and we're four games ahead of the 14th team in the conference. So we're not running place. We're competing like crazy with nine other teams. You can't always get to the next level overnight. We've got a lot of time. There's a lot of time in this season."
  • Dwyane Wade not immune to Pat Riley's criticism
    ... and gathers his take on Dwyane Wade.

    Riley said Wednesday the team plans to address some concerns about Dwyane Wade's conditioning that might be a factor in the guard's drop-off in production from last season.

    ``He's not there right now,'' Riley said. ``So I get out of my president's chair and into my coaching chair -- I know he'll probably say I'm nitpicking. His efficiency is down. We'll address what it is we can do to help you maintain that lean, mean scoring machine you were a year ago.'
  • Vote: How many points will Dwyane Wade score against the Magic tonight?
    UPDATE: Tania Ganguli conducts a poll, asking the public whether or not Wade is going to have another big game against the Magic.