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Announcement: 3QC is now Orlando Pinstriped Post

On the behalf of Eddy Rivera, Jon Nichols, and the extended SB Nation family, I'd like to welcome you to Orlando Pinstriped Post, the SB Nation blog about the Orlando Magic.

Over the last two-plus years, I've blogged the Magic using the name Third Quarter Collapse, or 3QC for short. I'm attached to it and like it a lot, but over the last year or so it's become clear to me that the name is not befitting of a championship organization. It needlessly accentuates the negative, however harmlessly, and does not immediately connote "Magic." We felt like we needed a name that better represented the team and the city, one of which anyone and everyone could be proud. Thus, we've included the city name in our new blog title, while "Pinstriped" recalls the Magic's uniforms, both past and present. "Post" has a nice double-meaning as both a news outlet and the part of the basketball court on which the Magic's dominant centers--first Shaquille O'Neal, and now Dwight Howard--do their best work. Ask any casual sports fan which team Third Quarter Collapse is about, and you'll get plenty of different answers, probably representing teams in the NBA, NFL, and NHL. But ask the casual sports fan about the Orlando Pinstriped Post? It has that Magic ring to it, which is why we're so excited about it.

Between the new URL and new logo, there are indeed some changes to the site as you know it. However, nothing about our coverage will change. Eddy, Jon, and I are still committed to covering the Magic comprehensively, honestly, and passionately. Eddy's off to Chicago and won't be able to cover games at Amway Arena in the immediate future, but I hope to attend every Magic home game to close out 2009, and perhaps a few more times in the new year, academic schedule permitting. In short, there's no reason to fear the cosmetic changes SB Nation's tech team so graciously implemented. We're still who we are, and we're still going to do what we have done for the last few years.

Again, welcome to Orlando Pinstriped Post. We're happy to have you.