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Orlando Magic News for December 1st: Featuring Throwback Uniforms, Stan Van Gundy, Van Gundy's Whiteboard, and More

<em>Photo is courtesy of the Orlando Magic.</em>
Photo is courtesy of the Orlando Magic.
  • The Orlando Magic will wear their classic black, pinstriped, throwback uniforms 10 times this year as part of the NBA's Hardwood Classics program. Below are the dates on which they'll wear those uniforms:

    • Wednesday, December 2 vs. New York Knicks – 70s Night
    • Thursday, December 17 at Miami Heat
    • Thursday, January 28 vs. Boston Celtics – 80s Night
    • Sunday, January 31 at Detroit Pistons
    • Sunday, February 7 at Boston Celtics
    • Wednesday, February 10 at Chicago Bulls
    • Thursday, February 11 at Cleveland Cavaliers
    • Friday, February 19 vs. Dallas Mavericks – Honoring Darrell Armstrong
    • Thursday, March 11 vs. Chicago Bulls – 90s Night
    • Saturday, March 13 at Washington Wizards

    The press release mentions that the uniforms will be available for purchase at

    Also, how excited are you for that game against Dallas? The ovation for Darrell Armstrong could be the loudest in Amway Arena history, and I mean that.

  • As Eddy posted earlier, the NBA named Magic coach Stan Van Gundy the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for November. Congratulations to him.

  • Game Notes: Magic at Knicks
    I neglected to post this link to Jake Appleman's and Russ Bengston's collaborative game notes from Sunday's Magic/Knicks tilt yesterday, so here it is today. They're impressed with Van Gundy's whiteboard usage, among other things.

    I’d seen the beauty and complexity of the Van Gundy dry-erase board before—in fact, the last time I saw it I believe it was still being written—but never before had I taken such a close look. Three colors—black, blue and red—and two sections atop one another—offense and defense—surrounded by carefully diagrammed plays. Taking in the thoroughness of it all, I can’t help but think Van Gundy would notice at a glance if a single word, maybe even a single letter, was changed. The temptation is almost too much. Instead, I simply revel in the context-free phraseology: "Lock & Trail on Singles & Staggers," "Play Dribble H.O.’s the Same," "Expect The Slip," "Late Show & Get Back" and wonder aloud whether erasing random words and phrases would produce a kind of Naismithian poetry.

    There's no hyperbole in that account. I've seen SVG's whiteboard before, and it is indeed as immaculate as Appleman and Bengston make it sound.

  • Courtney Lee Has Been Better As A Net

    Sebastian Pruiti Nets Are Scorching says former Magic guard Courtney Lee has improved since Orlando shipped him to New Jersey in the trade that netted it Ryan Anderson and Vince Carter.

    When watching Courtney Lee, you can tell that he is a smart player, who knows what he is doing out there, and when he is out there, he does show a lot of poise. All of that is reflected in the numbers. It is crazy to think about it, but Courtney Lee’s PER is higher this year in New Jersey than it was in Orlando. It has increased from 10.04 last year to 12.01 this year. Granted, this is still below average (average PER is 15), but I like to think the numbers I have highlighted above show the well-roundedness of Courtney’s game and I think as the shooting percentage starts to take its natural course and increase, you should see this number go up even more.

    I'll add that Anderson's PER has increased from 13.6 last year to 20.6--second on the team only to All-Star center Dwight Howard--this year.

  • Tune in to Fox Sports Florida after tomorrow night's game against the Knicks for the debut of Inside the Magic: Mickael Pietrus:

    This edition of "Inside the Magic" joins Mickael Pietrus as he returns to his home island of Guadeloupe.

    • Mickael takes viewers to the recreation center where his dream of becoming an NBA player all began. He fell in love with basketball after watching Michael Jordan play on television. He also talks about how he turned the tragedy of losing his mother at the age of nine into motivation to accomplish his dream.

    • Mickael also chats about his return trips to Guadelupe each year to hold a week long basketball camp. He talks about how he enjoys the opportunity to teach the game that he loves, and to give other children the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

    • As viewers will see, the trip home wasn’t all work, as Mickael takes time to enjoy himself as he goes boating, fishing, repelling, and takes a tour with the winners of the Discover Guadeloupe Islands with Mickael Pietrus.