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3QC Nominated for an Orbbie, Needs Your Support

Yesterday, you may have noticed a new widget in the left sidebar (on the main page) and in the right sidebar (on interior pages). It's a badge to vote for The Orbbies, or "Orlando's Rockin' Blogs," as hosted by the Orlando Sentinel, and it looks like this:

Click here to vote for my blog on the Orbbies - Orlando's Rockin' Blogs

Third Quarter Collapse is proud to announce that the Sentinel has nominated it in the Sports category. As anyone who knows me in real life can attest, I'm very uncomfortable discussing the site, and I'm always uneasy asking anyone to do favors for me. It stinks. And you guys, just by reading the site, are doing enough as it is. Nonetheless, I would really appreciate if you'd consider voting 3QC for best sports blog each day, from now until November 20th, at 5 PM. I'm sure Eddy and Jon feel the same way.

Click here for the ballot page. Thanks for your support.