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Orlando Magic News for November 4th: Looking Back at the Magic's Loss to the Pistons; J.J. Redick Matures as a Player

  • Behind the Box Score, where Portland has started slowly
    Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie recaps the Orlando Magic's loss to the Detroit Pistons last night.

    Losses like these are a perfect storm for a team like Orlando. Inspired opponents, road setting, iffy shots, iffy execution, close loss.

    Most importantly, Detroit came out with quite a bit of effort, and really got after it defensively. Really got after it. I say this first, because it's the truth, but also because I don't want Pistons fans to get angry at me.
  • Will Bynum and the Pistons Make a Statement
    Henry Abbott of TrueHoop points out, with accurate detail, how the Pistons were able to defeat the Magic yesterday.

    But they didn't beat the Magic just by chance. A lineup of shooters and ball-handlers all over the floor created space in the lane -- and Piston guards got to the rim again and again, putting the pressure on Howard that resulted in fouls and a lot of contact. (After the game, Howard complained about how hard opponents have been colliding with him recently.)
  • A really frustrating night!!!
    Dwight Howard posts on his official blog today.

    What really bothers me is they are letting guys hammer me at one end of the floor, yet I’m being called for everything. All of those hits take a toll on my body after a while.

    As for my shoulder, it’s really sore right now and it really hurts when guys are hanging on me and pulling on my arms. The trainers have done all of the tests and they say everything is fine, but it’s still hurting me a little. They said my shoulders are plenty strong enough around the injury, but it’s like a bruise and will take some time to get fully better.
  • The Continued Maturation of JJ Redick
    Ryan McNeill of SLAM ONLINE describes how J.J. Redick has been able to mature as a player on the court over the past couple of seasons.

    While the minutes and experiences in the Playoffs last season increased his confidence, it’s been his maturation into a more complete player that has helped him earn some minutes. Every shooter in the NBA has nights where their shots just won’t fall so they need to be able to do more than just hit jumpers to earn consistent minutes.

    Redick seems to have embraced the idea of doing the little things like making the extra pass, helping out on the glass and playing gritty defense.
  • Layups: The Most Accurate Adjusted +/- Yet
    Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference reveals that has debuted adjusted plus/minus numbers with the lower standard errors yet to be seen. Click here to check them out.

  • UPDATE: Via the Orlando Magic:
    In the next edition of Inside the Magic, Sun Sports and FOX Sports Florida profile the Orlando Magic’s newest superstar as he returns to Florida to play for his hometown team. Inside The Magic: Vince Carter, hosted by Whit Watson, premieres on Sun Sports Friday, November 6, at 10 p.m., after the Pistons at Magic telecast, with encore presentations scheduled to air on both networks.
  • UPDATE 2 (from Ben): Somebody Remind the Orlando Magic That They Haven’t Won Anything Yet

    Brian Spencer of Empty the Bench thinks the Magic's loss to the Pistons is a teachable moment for coach Stan Van Gundy:

    One bad game by the Orlando Magic is hardly cause for panic, but if head coach Stan Van Gundy is smart (and we already know he’s passionate), he uses Tuesday night’s 85-80 loss to the short-handed Detroit Pistons as an excuse to remind his team that last year was last year.