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The Orlando Magic's Defense is Movin' On Up

It took a (little) while but ...

Defensive Rating Pace
Charlotte Bobcats 98.2 89.1 (28)
Boston Celtics 99.8 91.3 (25)
Los Angeles Lakers 100.0 95.0 (8)
Dallas Mavericks 101.0 93.4 (12)
Oklahoma City Thunder 101.2 92.1 (19)
Orlando Magic 101.5 91.5 (23)


After the Orlando Magic's latest win against the Atlanta Hawks, in which the team held the Hawks to 25 points (11/43 FG, 25.6% - that number is staggering) in the second half, it's clear that the Magic are steadily improving on the defensive side of the ball as the regular season is progressing.


As such, Orlando is slowly creeping into the top five in defensive efficiency.