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Happy Birthday, Jason Williams!

Now go out there and make sure last year's Eastern Conference Champions don't fall flat over the next four-to-six weeks with Jameer Nelson sidelined. No pressure, or anything. Enjoy your gift!

In all seriousness, though, Jason Williams turns 34 today. He'll start tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Friday night against the Boston Celtics, and probably every game until Nelson returns. While this situation immediately recalls last February, when the Magic turned to Anthony Johnson after Nelson suffered what proved to be a season-ending shoulder injury, it's not quite so dire. For one thing, Williams is a better player than Johnson. For another, he's having a solid season off Orlando's bench, with per-game averages of 5.4 points, 4 assists, and 0.8 turnovers in 18.4 minutes per game. And he's shooting fairly well, at 37% from three-point range. So Orlando should be in pretty good hands, provided that Williams can play extended minutes for weeks, and potentially months, on end.

Many happy returns, Jason.