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Orlando Magic News for October 4th: Brandon Bass Making an Impact; a Look at the Back-Up Point Guards

Good morning, everyone.

  • Brandon Bass won't mind doing the dirty work for the Orlando Magic
    Josh Robbins writes a superb article on Brandon Bass.

    New teammates and coaches already rave about the 24-year-old power forward's work ethic, which shifted into an even higher gear during his stay with Jackson.

    "Even if I wasn't around, I still had that dry-erase board in my mind because I'm just that type of a person," Bass said after a recent Magic practice. "When I set a goal and I set my eyes on something, I want to achieve it."
  • Are Orlando Magic backup point guards really old, or just experienced?
    Brian Schmitz elaborates on the roles of the Orlando Magic's pair of back-up point guards on the roster - Anthony Johnson and Jason Williams.

  • NBA: No Balance Association
    Doobie Akon of SLAM ONLINE writes an intriguing write-up on the idea that there is no balance in the NBA and explains his reasonings, but in the process of determining the title contenders this year, he somehow leaves out a team

    Let’s face it—this season might already be set as the Lakers, Celtics, Cavs and Spurs are really the only teams I see that could take home the trophy. In the 80s, it came down to the Lakers, Celts, Sixers, Pistons. 90s belonged to the Bulls and Rockets while  a couple Western conference teams (Sonics, Jazz, Blazers) always made some noise. After all, the Bulls had to play some team in the Finals.