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Orlando Magic News for October 31st: A Factoid About the Vince Carter Trade; Quick Look at Reactions to the Orlando Magic's Victory Last Night

  • Little-known fact about the Vince Carter trade

    Chris Sheridan of reveals the specifics of the trade that brought Ryan Anderson and Vince Carter to Orlando.

    On the night Vince Carter made his return to the Meadowlands, the following little-known fact was revealed:

    "They wouldn't have done the trade if Courtney Lee wasn't in it, and we wouldn't have done the trade if Ryan Anderson wasn't in it."

    Those were the words of Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith, who revealed that nifty nugget of knowledge to prior to Orlando's 95-85 victory over the New Jersey Nets at the Meadowlands on Friday night. Carter scored 16 points in 15 first-half minutes before spraining his ankle and sitting out the rest of the game, and Anderson also scored 16 in support of Dwight Howard's 20-point, 22-rebound performance.

  • Denton: Magic-Nets Postgame Analysis

    John Denton of shares his post-game analysis of the Magic's win over the Nets yesterday.

    The Magic fought through it because superstar center Dwight Howard was head and shoulders the best player on the floor. Howard finished with 20 points, 22 rebounds and four blocked shots. It was the 24th 20-point, 20-rebound game of Howard’s six-year career.

  • Orlando Magic grind out victory after losing Vince Carter to sprained ankle

    Zach McCann of Orlando Magic Daily points out what the victory over the New Jersey Nets meant for the Orlando Magic, as a team.

    It’s not a win the Magic will look back on — surely, it’s one of those wins where you forget about it on the plane ride home — but it’s the type of win an elite team is supposed to win. It was ugly, but it gives you confidence knowing the Magic can take care of a team when they didn’t shoot well and were missing two key starters.

  • Video Breakdown: Game 2 vs. Orlando

    Sebastian Pruiti of NetsAreScorching breaks down the video from last night and points out the good and bad for New Jersey (and indirectly, Orlando).

  • 2009-10 Basketball Books Preview

    For those of you who like to read basketball books, M. Haubs of The Painted Area previews over 20 books that have been or will be released very soon. 
  • UPDATE (from Ben:) SLAM ONLINE | Game Notes: Magic at Nets

    Russ Bengston and Jake Appleman of SLAM covered the MagicNets game last night, and filed this funny, insightful, nuanced report. The following is among many worthwhile observations they make.

    And oh yeah, speaking of Anderson, before the game a certain national writer tells me that "when all is said and done, that trade will be remembered as the deal where the Nets gave up Ryan Anderson." He’s not joking.