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Poll: Deepest Orlando Magic Team Ever?

Yesterday in my interview with John Denton, I asked him whether or not he thought the 2009-2010 Orlando Magic team was the best ever. Though I didn't state it explicitly, I was alluding to the talent on the roster more than anything else. Denton accurately stated that it is the "deepest" but pointed out quickly that it will take some time before anyone knows if it indeed is the best in franchise history.

So, I thought I'd poll the community to see what everyone thinks. Is this year's iteration of the Magic, top to bottom, the deepest/most talented team the city of Orlando has seen? Granted, it's too early to state whether or not it's the best because the roster hasn't achieved very much, but it's not too early to determine whether or not the talent compares favorably or unfavorably to squads of yesteryear.


I have a feeling the results will be lopsided in the favor of 'yes'. Thus, bonus question - which Magic team in the past would stack up the "best" with the '09-'10 edition?