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Orlando Magic News for January 22nd: Will Dwight Howard Repeat As The Slam Dunk Champion?

I was going to simply post this as a FanShot, but given that both Ben & I have been flooding the front page with FanShots galore the past few days, I figured it'd be good to break the monotony a bit and make an actual post instead.

Anyways, most of you - I'm sure - are aware that Portland Trail Blazers rookie phenom Rudy Fernandez recently was voted in as the 4th player in the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. With the Spaniard chosen as the fan vote, the field has been set and these will be the participants.

- (Portland Trail Blazers) Rudy Fernandez

- (Memphis Grizzilies) Rudy Gay

- (Orlando Magic) Dwight Howard [2008 Slam Dunk Champion]

- (New York Knicks) Nate Robinson [2006 Slam Dunk Champion]

To help promote the event, the participating dunkers in the contest have released (just a few days ago) intro videos explaining why they think they'll win this year.

Here is Howard's vid.

Superman will be looking to chase history as being the third repeat Slam Dunk champion in the history of the contest. The only players to currently carry that honor? His Airness, Michael Jordan (winning in 1987 & 1988) and Jason Richardson (winning in 2002 & 2003).

Will Dwight Howard repeat as champ?

Vote & provide your thoughts in the comments section. If you DON'T think Howard will win this year, who do you think will take the crown?