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Orlando Magic 139, Sacramento Kings 107

What's more remarkable: that the Orlando Magic made an NBA-record 23 three-pointers in their big 139-107 win, or that the Sacramento Kings left them wide-open on at least three-quarters of them?

Dwight Howard had his way with Sacramento's bigs, scoring 25 points and grabbing 15 rebounds--more than double what the Kings' entire starting frontcourt mustered--while Jameer Nelson went ballistic with 21 points on 5-of-5 three-point shooting, to go with 11 assists, no turnovers, and 5 steals. For the second time this season, Kevin Martin eclipsed the 30-point mark against the Magic, but it wasn't enough on a night in which the Kings simply could not stop the Magic from connecting from long range.

Team Pace Efficiency eFG% FT Rate OReb% TO Rate
Magic 96 144.6 74.7% 22.2 17.9 14.6
Kings 111.5 50.0% 30.5 20.9 12.5

Okay, what I'm going to say may sound nit-picky on a night in which the Magic won by 32 points, but hear me out. Their defense was porous throughout, as the Kings frequently got easy looks at the rim with their high-low offense; they also looked sluggish, preferring to foul rather than try to make a sound defensive play. However, I get the sense that their defensive effort will improve against better teams.

There isn't much left to say, except bully for the Magic's three-point shooters--9 players made at least one trey, and 3 had at least four treys--and especially for Jeremy Richardson, who drilled the record-setting 22nd three-pointer in hilarious fashion with 2:19 to play. Richardson rebounded a missed layup by Kings guard Francisco Garcia an dribbled straight up the court, losing his handle several times along the way. When he got to his preferred spot on the left wing, he jacked a three--to no one's surprise--and drilled it.

The Magic head to Staples Center in Los Angeles to play the Lakers on Friday night. Hopefully they haven't exhausted their supply of three-point jumpers on the first two games of this road trip--they're a combined 37-of-59--already.