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With the Orlando Magic building momentum as the season is progressing, the latest push being an impressive road win over the San Antonio Spurs to bring the team's record to 30-8, we're slowly gaining some momentum of our own here at Third Quarter Collapse and following the team's lead. 


If you've been an astute community member (we know you have been!), you may notice on the left-hand of this blog that a new post section has been created, titled 'Interviews'. You may wonder what 3QC has in store for you. 


Well ..


I'll tell you!


You just need to click after the jump and I'll give you the answer. 


I'm proud to announce that I have secured an interview on behalf of Third Quarter Collapse with Orlando Sentinel NBA beat writer, Kyle Hightower. 

Mr. Hightower has been gracious enough to take time off from his busy schedule to answer some questions and share his thoughts on a few topics. Hightower provides some insight about blogging, his current stint at the Sentinel, the Orlando Magic, and more. 


On Wednesday, I will reveal my Q/A with Mr. Hightower so be on the lookout. We at 3QC hope that you will be around to check it out.