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Off-Day Open Thread: New Years Edition

Happy New Years everyone!

With the year oh nine officially here, I felt today would be a perfect time to gather everyone's New Year's resolution relating to the Orlando Magic (ex: maybe you'll try to become a season-ticket holder next season). Let's hear 'em! Don't be shy ..

Also, in the spirit of christening the new year, what better way than to introduce something fresh to 3QC. Starting today, I'm going to begin showcasing a fanpost on the front page once a week (on an off-day) .. where someone from the community can voice his/her thoughts on anything Magic-related, whether it's linking to an article and adding some input, providing personal analysis/opinions, etc.

I feel this is a great way to allow everyone here to become more active/involved with 3QC. If you're new or just been lurking, here's the chance to make your presence known. When anyone drops some good material, don't be afraid to recommend it .. I only ask that the fanposts are neatly organized, other than that .. "do you!"

So with all that said, here's the first showcased fanpost from Marie (the fanposts after this one will be moved to the front page) ..

"Surprise, surprise...a roundtable of writers from Sports don't believe that the Magic are at the same level as Boston or Cleveland. Understandably, they point out that the Magic need to prove themselves in the playoffs first and Ian Thomsen feels that a trade has to be made for the Magic to be considered true contenders. They do a good job pointing out the difference Jameer Nelson has made, as well as making note of the Magic's excellent road record and success against Western Conference teams.

I personally don't buy into the Cavs hype. LeBron James is not overrated, but his team is. This piece (it's below all the Larry Hughes stuff) by HoopsWorld's Bill Ingram echoes my feelings exactly.

What do you think?"