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More Magic Uniform Madness: Dwight Howard Rocks New Duds during "got milk?" Photoshoot

Earlier today, I received an email from a reader named Darrell urging me to watch this morning's edition of ESPN's First Take because it featured an interview with Dwight Howard in which the big fella can be seen wearing what appears to be the Magic's new uniform. As much as I would have loved to see the new uniform, I did not want to have to sit through First Take.

Now the video is up on Even better, Black and Blue Jor took some screencaps of it, which you can view at his site, The Howeva Files.

Bad: No sign of the pinstripes that Courtney Lee had on his uniform during the rookie photo shoot. Worse: the side paneling on the home uniforms is black, whereas the wordmark is blue. It just looks... off.

The away uniform is pretty solid, though. I'm a sucker for Magic blue.

Maybe it's just a mock-up, but I rather doubt it because the official unveiling is less than three weeks away -- check the countdown clock on the homepage for the exact time remaining.

So, based on the screencaps Jor so graciously provided, what do you think about the new uniforms?

Some odds and ends:

More later this weekend on Mickael Pietrus and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Probably.