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Orlando Magic News for September 25th: Marcin Gortat Speaks

Some morning links...

  • 3QC community member Marie, via the FanPosts, passes on this translation of an interview with Marcin Gortat. I skimmed it, and doing so only reaffirmed my love for The Hammer. I hadn't realized how much he busted his behind last season: he gained 26 pounds!

    In honor of Marcin, I present this YouTube of highlights from his rookie year. Yes, it reaches for content at times -- we get clips of every screen he set and every rebound he grabbed -- but it also has one of my favorite moments from the Playoffs; fast-forward to 2:10 to see it. Gortat absolutely schools Rasheed Wallace, an outstanding defender, in the post.

  • Brian Schmitz says Dwight Howard needs to take on a more active leadership role, and thinks adapted Kevin Garnett's no-nonsense demeanor on the court is the way to go. I heartily endorse this idea. Dwight already has one of the league's most intimidating bodies, yet he's also one of the league's goofiest stars. With an edge, a tougher attitude, he'd become absolutely fearsome.
  • ShamSports does what John Hollinger did a few weeks ago by rating each free-agent signing this summer. He hates the Mickael Pietrus signing and, perhaps facetiously, loves the Anthony Johnson one.
  • The Lakers Nation discusses the possibility of former Magic forward (and 3QC fave) Trevor Ariza supplanting Lamar Odom in the Lakers' starting lineup.