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Orlando Magic News for September 24th: Regarding Kevin Kruger's Whereabouts and a Blogger's Trade Proposal

Pretty slow news day for the Magic today, which is just as well. I'm worn out after making 13 posts in the last two days. But here we go:

  • Yesterday, the Magic added forward/center Dwayne Jones and small forward Jeremy Richardson to their training-camp roster. When I heard the news, I wondered where Kevin Kruger, who joined the Magic in camp last season and who played for their summer-league team this year and last. Well, as The Bratwurst informs us, the 6'02" combo guard is headed to camp with the Milwaukee Bucks. We wish him the best.
  • Jacemann submitted an Orlando Magic/Oklahoma City Thunder trade proposal to the new blog The Trade Journal, headed by Greg Broome of Peninsula is Mightier fame. The proposal, which Greg endorses, has the Magic sending J.J. Redick and Brian Cook to Oklahoma City for Nick Collison. I, too, love this trade from the Magic's perspective. Unfortunately, Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld reported last month that Magic sources told him that Collison is not on the team's radar.