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The Orlando Magic Unveil New Uniforms: The Day After

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard models the Magic's new blue pinstriped road uniforms for the 2008/2009 NBA season, their 20th Anniversary season.

Photo by Fernando Medina, NBAE/Getty Images

You've heard my take. Now read what other people are saying about the Orlando Magic's new uniforms...

  • The Arsenalist:

    In similar news, Orlando unveiled their alternate jersey and I can't tell the difference.

  • Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, tongue placed firmly in cheek:

    Let me tell you, the new ravishing retro look is to die for. It is so-o-o-o tres chic. The Magic's inaugural unis, unveiled two decades ago, were black-and-white pinstripes, but the new blue-and-white pinstripes are much more of the moment. Not so yesterday. And the blue absolutely screams at you. Scandalous, I say. The glitterati are absolutely abuzz with the idea that blue has become the new black.

  • The Blowtorch:

    The new Magic jerseys are pretty nice. While I'm not a fan of that color of blue (too blase), it's a solid colorway. The only real problem I have with the jersey is that the pin-stripes fan out near the top. That's pointless.

  • SJ of The Rip City Project:

    The Magic meanwhile have brought back the pinstripes. Can't knock them at all. They managed to make it look retro and trendy but like it belongs in this day and age [....] I can't wait until they are allowed to get an alternate jersey and bust out the black jerseys with white pinstripes.

  • Paul Lukas of Uni Watch:

    The curved pinstriping is interesting -- gonna have to wait and see how it looks on the court. But man, for a team that once had such unique typography, the new type is snoozeville. Not a fan of that collar style, either.

  • Rob Mahoney of Upside and Motor:

    Simple. Elegant. Stylish.

    Contender for men. New this season from Calvin Klein.

  • Ryne Nelson of SLAM Online, in a BallHype comment:

    To be brutally honest: this is the NBA's worst jersey right now.