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Orlando Magic to Unveil New Uniforms Today; 3QC Will NOT Liveblog

Orlando Magic new jersey teaser poster

The teaser poster for today's uniform unveiling. Click it to view a larger version.

UPDATE: I'm disappointed to report that the streaming video of the unveiling at simply won't load on my computer, so I'll be unable to liveblog or cover the event in any way.

UPDATE 2: The feed from is working.

So, today's the day: the Orlando Magic will officially unveil their new uniforms, about which they're making a big-to do: witness this trailer on the Magic's homepage to get an idea of the hype they're giving the new look.

We already have a fairly good idea of what to expect: this shot of Dwight Howard from the NBA 2k9 videogame shows a white home uniform with the word "MAGIC" in blue across the chest, black side panels, blue trim/piping, and black pinstripes. It's safe to assume the road version will flip-flop the blue and white, and will have the word "ORLANDO" across the chest.

But it's not all cut-and-dried. Screengrabs from a Dwight Howard "got milk?" photoshoot show Dwight wearing a version without pinstripes. This version is significantly less cool.

I hope to live-blog the ceremony from the comfort of my room. The webcast begins at 12:55 PM EST, according to this press release. Join us, won't you?