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CORRECTION: Dominique Wilkins was the Orlando Magic's First Hall-of-Fame Player

A week ago, I congratulated Patrick Ewing on becoming the Orlando Magic's first Hall-of-Fame player. While I had the best intentions in congratulating him, I did not have my facts straight. Dominique Wilkins, not Ewing, was the first Magic player to join the Hall of Fame.

'Nique joined his brother Gerald in Orlando on February 5, 1999, the first day of that lockout-shortened season, and appeared in 27 games that year, with two starts. He averaged 5 points and 2.6 rebounds per game. Not bad averages, considering he only played 9.3 minutes per game. 'Nique was inducted to the Hall in 2006.

My obvious point from last week's post still stands, however: these two players' induction to the Hall of Fame was for their contributions prior to joining the Magic. It will be quite a while before a player who spent a significant part of his career with Orlando is honored in such a way.