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Penny Hardaway (1999-2004) vs. Pat Garrity (1999-2008)

Pat Garrity retired as an end-of-the-bench NBA role player, rarely making the active roster unless someone ahead of him in the rotation got injured. And, to be frank, he has not been NBA-relevant in years. However, he finishes his career having played in 513 career games for the Orlando Magic, the second-highest total in franchise history. That's why there's a lot of Pat content here in the wake of his retirement: dude's earned it, 14th man or not.

The Magic acquired Garrity, a rookie, from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Penny Hardaway, who became disgruntled in Orlando. Without comment, I present to you this table, which shows the players' totals with the franchises to which they were traded.

Anfernee Penny Hardaway profile page shot
vs. Pat Garrity profile page shot
Phoenix Suns former logo Team Orlando Magic main logo
236 Games 513
2924 Points 3800
1071 Rebounds 1382
986 Assists 425
316 Steals 238
105 Blocks 101
.444 FG% .413
.326 3FG% .398
.799 FT% .817
0 Dunks

The only non-lottery picks from Garrity's draft class who still have NBA contracts are Rafer Alston, Maceo Baston, Ryan Bowen, Greg Buckner, Ricky Davis, Al Harrington, Jerome James, Rashard Lewis (!), Tyronn Lue, Sean Marks, Cuttino Mobley, Nazr Mohammed, Rasho Nesterovic, and Brian Skinner.