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Orlando Magic sign Mike Wilks. Are they finished making moves?

Less than a day after Magic GM Otis Smith said he would soon sign a third-string point guard, he did: Mike Wilks, a veteran of eight teams in six seasons, is the newest member of the Orlando Magic. Brian Schmitz has the scoop.

For $1.04 million, the Magic could have done worse. Maybe they could have done better; Kevin Ollie, anyone? But the bottom line is he's only going to play spot minutes, if he's even on the active roster each night.

With 14 players under contract, the Magic are probably finished making moves until the end of training camp, when they might add a 15th player. Smith has said in the past, however, that he may go into the season with an empty roster spot, which would allows the Magic flexibility if they make a multi-player trade.

For the people interested, you can find Wilks' career statistics here.