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Which All-Time Orlando Magic Great Would You Like to See Made into a Bobblehead?

Via Jerry Greene, here's one way for Magic fans to participate in the team's 20th anniversary celebration: the FanTastic Bobble-head. Click here to vote for one of five Magic players to be made into a bobblehead this season. The choices are, in the order listed on the website,

  • Dwight Howard,
  • Shaquille O'Neal,
  • Nick Anderson,
  • Tracy McGrady,
  • and Darrell Armstrong.

So, whom will you choose? Here's my thought process:

  1. Eliminate any player whose likeness the team could use in the future. That means you, Dwight Howard. Sorry, but you're under contract with the team until 2012. We'll have plenty more opportunities to see your noggin immortalized on a resin figure.
  2. Eliminate any player who left the team on bad terms. That step eliminates Shaquille O'Neal and Tracy McGrady. Shaq called Orlando a "small pond" when he ditched it in 1996; T-Mac admitted he mailed-in the 2004 season when he realized the team stunk. Then he demanded a trade. If the fans choose either of these guys, it's because they want to detonate something.

To me, Darrell Armstrong and Nick Anderson are the only sensible choices. And since Darrell played during the height of the bobblehead's popularity, it's possible he already has one; let me know in the comments if you know for sure.

Nick Anderson, four botched free throws notwithstanding, will get my vote. He deserves yours too.

And while we're on the subject of voting, don't forget to support Jameer Nelson in Hoops Addict's Floor Burn Tournament, which strives to recognize the league's best hustle players. David Lee is cleaning his clock right now, 82% to 18%. Support Jameer!