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Orlando Magic News for August 4th: Vote for Jameer

As promised, a few assorted bullets on stories not involving Carlos Arroyo:

  • Hoops Addict is conducting its first annual Floor Burn Tournament, which seeks to credit the players who do the so-called "dirty work" for their teams without getting much acclaim. Round One is up now. I nominated Jameer Nelson, who must defeat Knicks forward David Lee to advance. Show your support for Jameer, who does not get enough credit for the little things he does.
  • Dwight Howard did not fare well for Team USA in a tune-up game against Team Russia. Dime (via BDL) gives us the awful truth:

    On Dwight's first touch he threw up an ugly hook shot off an awkward post move that hit all glass, and in general seemed hesitant to beast his way to the basket despite being guarded by guys who looked like Keith Bogans standing next to him. He finished with five points and made just one field goal.

  • Dwight will have a chance to redeem himself tomorrow morning at 8 AM, as Team USA will take on Team Australia -- and its center, Andrew Bogut, selected first overall in 2005, a year after Dwight -- in its final exhibition match.

    Great work, fellas.

  • Last Friday, the Clippers withdrew their qualifying offer to Nick Fazekas, a hardworking power forward whom they signed after Dallas cut him to make room for Jason Kidd. Fazekas is now an unrestricted free agent. I'm not the only Magic fan who wants the team to consider signing him, as this thread on Denton's board shows. But fans of other teams are taking note, too, as Hoopinion wants the Hawks to take a look at him as well.