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Carlos Arroyo Signs with Maccabi Tel Aviv: The Morning After

No shortage of opinions on Carlos Arroyo's move overseas, which surprises me, because I didn't think anyone else cared. Still, he'll make roughly $5 million U.S., and can opt out after each season. Not a bad deal for him, I suppose. To the links:

  • The ubiquitous Matt Moore had so many thoughts on the signing that he couldn't confine them to one place: here's his take at Ridiculous Upside, and at FanHouse. From the FanHouse post:

    Arroyo started last season in contention for the starting spot for the Magic, then went to a backup role behind Jameer Nelson, before eventually not appearing hardly at all except to make sure Jameer Nelson didn't hurt himself by playing too much. When you lose your job to a guy who was heavily responsible for the Magic's self-destruct versus the Pistons and who the Magic had not interest in retaining, yeah, a change of scenery might be nice.

  • Rob Mahoney, who is not Matt Moore, chimes in at Hardwood Paroxysm.
  • FreeDarko briefly notes Arroyo's departure in its first-ever daily links post:

    So many teams need a point guard, and Carlitos can't even get more than 2.5 mil? Dude has become, like the Puerto Rican Steve Francis in terms of a fall from grace.

  • The Heat, rumored to be one of Arroyo's suitors, will have to look elsewhere for a backup point guard. The Peninsula is Mightier doesn't have a problem with that.

Stay tuned for bullets regarding the day's other Magic stories.