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Mickael Pietrus Has His Work Cut Out For Him

Last season, the Magic surrendered season-high scoring totals to not a few shooting guards. They signed Mickael Pietrus last month to fortify their weakest overall position last season and, more importantly, to give them the lock-down defensive presence they lacked last season.

Based on the Magic's schedule, they'll know fairly quickly if they made a wise investment.

Here are the players we presume Pietrus will be asked to guard in the first ten games of the season: Joe Johnson of Atlanta; O.J. Mayo of Memphis; Kevin Martin of Sacramento; Derrick Rose of Chicago; Andre "Don't Call Me Iggy" Iguodala of Philadelphia; Gilbert Arenas of Washington; Brandon Roy and Jerryd Bayless of Portland; Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City; Josh Howard of Dallas; and Jason Richardson, a former teammate of Pietrus' in Golden State, of Charlotte.

Potential All-Stars, or at least All-Rookie team selections, await Pietrus in each of the Magic's first ten games. Bearing that fact in mind, how do you think Pietrus will fare defensively in those games?