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It Looks to Us that Keyon Dooling will Return to the Magic

NetsDaily says the New Jersey Nets and the Miami Heat are the front-runners to sign Keyon Dooling. Heat beat reporter Ira Winderman believes, however, that Orlando will offer Dooling more years than the Heat will, thus "remov[ing] the Heat as a potential bidder."

If Dooling wants to secure a long-term offer, Miami is not the destination for him, as it will offer only a two-year deal. New Jersey, despite trying to clear cap space for the LeBron James free-agency sweepstakes in 2010, is willing to offer Dooling a deal longer than two years. I suspect the Magic will also offer a long-term deal. Assuming New Jersey and Orlando offer deals with similar lengths and dollar amounts, Dooling would almost certainly choose Orlando. The Magic are a better team with a more popular coach, and they play just a few hours away from Dooling's hometown of Fort Lauderdale (which is, I should note, much closer to Miami than it is to Orlando).

At this point, it looks more and more likely that Dooling will return to the Magic.