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A Glimpse of the Orlando Magic's New Uniforms; The Pinstripes Are Back... Sort Of

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If you want to get an idea of what the Magic's new uniforms look like, check out Courtney Lee's mug shot from the NBA rookie photoshoot yesterday. Dave McMenamin of was on-hand yesterday, and I linked to his liveblog in this FanShot. In case you missed it, here's what he said about the Magic's uniforms:

The Magic, Timberwolves and Kings rookies are all donning the new jerseys that their teams will be wearing for the first time next season. Now this is just my personal opinion, but I rank Orlando as the best, then Sacramento, then Minnesota. The Magic's jerseys have a Penny/Shaq/3-D Scott feel, with a modern Dwight Howard/Spiderman touch. I'm digging them.

Henry Abbott was there, too, and had these details on how players from teams debuting new uniforms had to avoid being spotted:

So the players from those teams have been asked to be sneaky. They are wearing the new uniforms. But when they are not being photographed, they are wearing shooting shirts over the top so the secret [sic].

I know you are just dying to know what the new unis looks like, but I'm not telling.

As you can see from Lee's mug shot (here's the link again), the new uniforms do have pinstripes, but they are spaced very far apart. Additionally, the road uniforms are blue, meaning the soonest we could see the Magic in black alternate uniforms is 2010, or two years after their new look debuts.

So, based on the few inches of fabric you can see in Lee's mug shot, what do you think of the Magic's new uniforms?

With a tip of the cap to Jake, one of the co-writers of Bullets Forever, SB Nation's Washington Wizards blog.