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Dante & Galante to Interview Dwight Howard Today at 3 PM

Dante Marchitelli and George Galante, better known as Dante and Galante, have landed an exclusive interview with Dwight Howard. Check it out at 3 today by visiting their webpage. From the press release:

FROM A CUBICLE, ORLANDO, FLA. -- Bored out of your mind? Have absolutely, positively nothing else to do? We may have the answer. Or maybe not.

Introducing the continuation of the first-of-its-kind internet radio-style show.... "Dante & Galante."

Yes, these guys have been advised to keep their day jobs at the Orlando Magic. No, they are not Mike & Mike of ESPN Radio fame. Not even close.

On Thursday, July 17th log on to to catch the show featuring Dwight Howard or listen to a replay. Or not.

Frickin' sweet.