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Bianchi: Otis Should Admit Mistake, Trade J.J. Redick

Mike Bianchi, the most opinionated sportwriter in the Orlando Sentinel's bullpen, minces no words in this column, published in today's paper, imploring Otis Smith to admit his drafting of J.J. Redick was a mistake. I usually don't devote an entire post to one article, but this one really deserves its own discussion. Some highlights:

The thing is, Smith has admitted the mistake in every way possible -- except verbally. He admitted it two weeks ago when he drafted Western Kentucky shooting guard Courtney Lee. And he admitted it two days ago when he came to terms with Pietrus on a four-year, $22 million contract.


Orlando doesn't need to endure Redick's defensive shortcomings just to get a shooter on the floor, but surely there's a team out there that could use a three-point bomber. And that's why the Magic should trade J.J. For the love of God, PLEASE trade him. Even if you can only get a second-round pick, cash considerations and a gallon of tattoo ink.


Redick has handled his situation with class, but still, has there ever been more embarrassing adoration for a guy who never plays? It's like the second-string long snapper being the most popular player on an NFL team.

Jeez, Mike. Why don't you tell us how you really feel?