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Orlando Magic News for June 3rd: If a Workout Happens at RDV, but No Journalists Are Around to Report It...

... did it actually happen?

  • The Magic held private workouts with at least three players today, all of them power forwards: Joey Dorsey from Memphis; Marreese Speights from Florida; and D.J. White from Indiana. No word from any of the usual suspects as to how the workouts went, so, uh, that's all I've got. If you're really curious, DraftExpress has the measurements of almost every player in this year's draft class. Dorsey is the only one of the guys the Magic worked out today to appear on that list, though. He's 6'7.25" with shoes.

  • Interesting reaction to Otis Smith's contract extension from Matt Watson:

    The Magic improved by 12 games this year to finish with 52 wins, their most since 1996 when Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway carried the team all the way to the NBA Finals. GM Otis Smith deserves a lot of credit for the turnaround, first for bidding against himself to sign Rashard Lewis and then having the foresight of knowing Tony Battie would get suffer a season-ending injury to open up playing time for the soon-to-be Most Improved Player Hedo Turkoglu. For that, he was rewarded with a three-year extension.


    Smith is hardly the worst GM in the league, but I'm convinced the Magic are where they are despite his efforts, not because of it.

  • By the way, the schedule for 3QC's Orlando Magic player evaluations is as follows:
    • Monday, June 2nd: Carlos Arroyo
    • Tuesday, June 3rd: Keith Bogans
    • Wednesday, June 4th: Keyon Dooling
    • Thursday, June 5th: Maurice Evans
    • Friday, June 6th: Adonal Foyle
    • Monday, June 9th: Dwight Howard
    • Tuesday, June 10th: Rashard Lewis
    • Wednesday, June 11th: Jameer Nelson
    • Thursday, June 12th: Hedo Turkoglu
    • Friday, June 13th: James Augustine, Brian Cook, Pat Garrity, Marcin Gortat, and J.J. Redick.

We now return to your regularly scheduled early-summer doldrums, already in progress.