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Informed Speculation as to When the Magic Will Unveil Their New Look

If you're like me, you care about what NBA teams wear on the court. And, if you're like me, you want a distraction from all this draft madness taking place. We know the Magic are changing their logo and uniforms for this season, their 20th in the league. What we don't know is when we might see said new uniforms and logo. Let's look at some recent history so we have a better idea when we can line-up to buy our Courtney Lee jerseys.

  • 2007: Atlanta Hawks
    • What they changed: their uniforms, their alternate logo, and the color scheme of their main logo.
    • When we saw it (or not...)
      • June 25th: the Hawks release a press kit which includes pictures of the new logos and new uniforms. Forward Josh Smith modeled the uniforms in the photos. The jersey number on both uniforms was 07 instead of Smith's usual 5.
      • June 28th: after NBA Commissioner David Stern called their names on draft night, the Hawks' selections were handed a ballcap bearing the team's new alternate logo. The new uniforms were nowhere to be found.
      • July 2nd: the Monday after the draft, Atlanta holds a press conference to introduce Al Horford and Acie Law IV, whom they selected in the draft:

        File photo by Todd Bennett, the Associated Press

  • 2006: Charlotte Bobcats
    • What they changed: What they wear during certain road games; they introduced a "Bobcats Blue" alternate jersey.
    • When we saw it (or not...)
      • August 16th: the Bobcats call a press conference to unveil their new uniforms, with draftees/sexpots Sean May and Adam Morrison serving as models.
  • 2006: Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2003: Orlando Magic
    • What they changed: their uniforms.
    • When we saw it (or not...)
      • June 26th: none of the Magic's picks are on-hand during draft night, but it's a moot point, as teams drafting in the teens never have a custom jersey ready for their picks.
      • June 27th: Keith Bogans, Reece Gaines, and Zaza Pachulia arrive in Orlando for an introductory press conference. Still no sign of the new uniforms.
      • July 16th: the Magic's big free-agent signee, Juwan Howard, arrives in Orlando for his introductory press conference. Magic coach Doc Rivers presents him with a home version of the team's obsolete jersey, numbered 03:

        File photo by Phelan M. Ebanhack, the Associated Press

      • October 2nd: players wear the new uniforms for team photographs during media day. Zaza Pachulia was one of them:

        File photo by Peter Cosgrove, the Associated Press

What does this extremely limited sample-size tell us? That we could see the new goods as early as next week or as late as -- gulp -- October. At least we'll have free agency and potential trades to keep us occupied until then, should it take that long.