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"With the 22nd pick in SB Nation's 2008 NBA Mock Draft, the Orlando Magic Select...

... Kosta Koufos from The Ohio State University."

Yup. Kosta Koufos is our man. I selected him with the 22nd pick in SB Nation's 2008 NBA Mock Draft. Come on down, Kosta! And put this handsome cap on while you're up here.

I sure would have preferred to select Brandon Rush, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Courtney Lee, or even Donte Green, but they were all gone. But hey, are we really going to complain about getting a 7'00" true center whom many people regard as lottery-level talent?

Thanks for your input in the suggestion threads. Were there not such wide support for taking the best player available, I might have rolled the dice a bit by selecting Alexis Ajinca.