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Orlando Magic News for June 19th: Spy on the Magic During Next Week's Draft. No, really.

The real NBA Draft is still a week away, but the fun starts today; 3QC will pick for the Magic in SB Nation's Mock Draft. Please leave your suggestions for potential picks in this thread.

  • If you've ever wanted to know what happens in the Magic's "War Room" on draft night -- and I'm sure plenty of people do, based on the team's questionable decisions over the years -- you're in luck. You can catch a live feed of the draft room on the Magic's website starting at 7 PM Eastern next Thursday, the 26th, the night of the draft. While you're at the draft homepage, check out the pictures of Shaquille O'Neal holding up a no. 33 Magic jersey. Whuh?! Thanks to SG489 for the link at the MagicMadness forums.
  • J.J. Redick, back from vacation, returned to his computer to update his blog. Here, he fills us on in his summer routine:
    Mondays are basketball work, lifting, and agility work. Tuesdays are Pilates, basketball, and conditioning. Wednesdays are basketball and lifting. Thursdays are basketball, agility, and Pilates. And I finish out the week on Fridays with basketball, lifting, and conditioning.


    And of course, I'm working on my game trying to improve my ball-handling and scoring off the dribble. So far, I've been pleased with my progress and hope that come October 1, I'll be in peak physical condition to challenge for minutes.

    That's the kind of attitude we want J.J. to have. Does he still want the Magic to trade him, though?

    The Magic have some decisions to make this offseason- free agency, trades, and the draft. But I believe 100% I'll be back with the Magic. In fact, I don't even think it's an issue. I just need to get better and earn Stan's trust and get some minutes. We shall see.

    The last sentence of is the sort of conspicuously ambiguous statement that makes people like us speculate as to J.J.'s sincerity. He doesn't sound super-excited to be in Orlando. Then again, he didn't sound excited that he got to hang out with Tiger freaking Woods a few times this summer, as he only tacked that information on to the end of the entry. No, really. Check it out.

  • Chris Herrington reports, via 3 Shades of Blue, that former Grizzlies guard Juan Carlos Navarro has signed with FC Barcelona. That fact may raise some eyebrows in Orlando, as some Magic fans have discussed the possibility of their favorite team trading for Navarro, a three-point assassin. It also leaves Memphis down one wing player, meaning it'd probably be less inclined to part with Mike Miller, another Grizzly whom Magic fans covet.