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Povtak: Magic Covet Second-Round Picks of Seattle, Portland

Tim Povtak checks in with this quick update from draft camp. Here's the most interesting portion:

The Magic are watching becasue [sic] they plan on trading into the second round, getting a pick from either Portland and Seattle, which has a combined seven second-round picks.

The SuperSonics have the 32nd, 43rd, 50th, and 56th picks; the Trail Blazers have the 33rd, 36th, and 55th picks. Hopefully, whichever selection we acquire won't cost more than a future second-rounder, or perhaps "future considerations." And, if you're curious just what those might be, Doug Smith of the Toronto Star provided an answer a few weeks ago:

Sometimes it's simply pure money changing hands (the maximum is $3 million), sometimes it's things like a team promises to travel to play a road exhibition game. It's generally something cooked up by the GMs to make a one-sided trade not look so one-sided.

Maybe the Magic can snag one of Portland's picks in exchange for a future pick (or the right to swap picks) and the promise to travel to Portland to play an exhibition game. Yeah, they're usually boring, but I'm sure the Blazer faithful in Rip City would love to have an extra opportunity to see Greg Oden play Dwight Howard live and in-person.