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J.J. Redick's Blog Discusses Summer Plans, Media Ethics, "White Guy Wednesdays," and More

If you don't have J.J. Redick's blog RSS'd or bookmarked by now, you really should. It's a great insight into J.J.'s personality. Dude has a good sense of humor. To wit (pun absolutely intended), here's an excerpt from today's entry:

Hello, friends! Not much to update you guys on in my life- I've been laying low and taking some time off from basketball (although you could argue I took the entire season off from basketball). Okay, bad joke.

Hah! J.J. goes on to mention that he doesn't know where he'll work out this summer, that the Sentinel's "Play Me or Trade Me" headline was media sensationalism, and he expects to be in the Magic's training camp this fall.

The best part of Redick's blog, though, is the sidebar in which he answers readers' questions. Here's my absolute fave:


What is the locker room dynamic like? Who picks the music, who is the leader, etc?


Let's be clear here- Dwight, and only Dwight, picks the music in the locker room and the weight room. We listen to a lot of Kanye, Lil' Wayne (I love Kanye and Weezy), and, unfortunately, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. Sometimes, during the offseason mostly, we have "White Guy Wednesdays." Pat Garrity, James Augustine, and I will lift to the background noise of 80s rock music. As far as clowns on the team- Dwight and Keyon Dooling are the two funniest guys on the team. We really don't have many serious guys off the court. Everybody jokes around a lot. In terms of leadership, most of our older players all try and lead in some capacity. I think Jameer Nelson has a natural inclination to lead.

With Augustine and Garrity almost assuredly on their way out, the end of White Guy Wednesdays is at hand. Even though I think the Magic are better off without J.J., that doesn't mean I'll stop caring about him if/when he's traded. Hopefully, he won't stop blogging.