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Ridiculous Upside Joins SB Nation

SB Nation is proud to welcome Ridiculous Upside to its basketball network. Matt Moore and Corndogg, whom you may know from their work at Hardwood Paroxysm, will run the show. Matt explains the mission statement:

So what is Ridiculous Upside? It's all about potential. The NBA is a league with a high regard for potential, and coaches, GMs, and fans are always looking for The Next Big Thing. Ridiculous Upside will cover those players and give you insight, analysis, and probably a joke or two about those players. We'll be covering the NBA Draft, the D-League, the CBA, the PBL ( I know, I know, what the holy crapola is the PBL. No, it's not bowling. We'll get to it. Hang in there.), European competition, and some of the processes about personnel decisions.

Check it out. I'll be sure to get in touch with those guys regarding the Magic very soon.