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Happy Birthday, Keith Bogans!

Keith Bogans of the Orlando Magic is fouled by Richard 'Rip' Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons while grabbing a rebound in Game Four of the 2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals

Keith Bogans hustles down a rebound and gets fouled by Richard Hamilton in the Magic's 90-89 loss to the Pistons on Saturday.

Photo by John Raoux, the Associated Press


Keith Bogans doesn't get much national acclaim, probably because he's the seventh-man on an Eastern Conference team, and also because he's the fifth option on offense when he does play. But today is his 28th birthday, and he deserves some recognition. That'll do in lieu of a present, right?

  • Keith drew 17 charges this season, according to 82games. That's good for third on the team.
  • 82games also shows us that Keith was the team's most reliable clutch three-point shooter, hitting 46.2% of his treys in those situations.
  • He was one of four Magic players to play in all 82 games, which was a career-best for him.
  • He also posted career highs in minutes per game (26.8), field goal percentage (.411), and effective field goal percentage (.537).

Most importantly, Keith kept the floor spread for Dwight Howard to post-up and for Hedo Turkoglu to drive by making 148 three-pointers, more than double his previous season-high. The Magic set a team record with 801 three-pointers made, and Keith was a big part of that.

So, happy birthday, Keith Bogans. Enjoy it, but don't party too hard; we need you well-rested for Game Five this Tuesday in Detroit.