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Orlando Magic News for April 3rd: Jameer Nelson Has (Yet Another) Concussion

  • Jameer Nelson's injury is worse than the Magic initially thought, John Denton says. When Nelson collided with Dwight Howard's elbow last Tuesday against the Spurs, the team took him out and he was diagnosed with a bruised jaw. Now? Concussion, Jameer's third in the last 17 months. Nonetheless, Jameer plans to start this Saturday against Cleveland.
  • The Magic's recent rebounding woes have Stan Van Gundy searching for answers. Notably, both Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith acknowledge that Rashard Lewis will play power forward next season, but want to switch him to his natural small forward position. So where does that leave Hedo Turkoglu? To no one's surprise, Smith says he won't sign a free-agent or D-Leaguer to replace the injured Brian Cook. Sure looks like we're due for a heavy dose of Pat Garrity.
  • In light of Gilbert Arenas' surprise return to the Wizards' lineup last night, Brian Schmitz cautions Magic fans against overlooking any of the team's possible first-round playoff opponents. The Wizards, Raptors, and 76ers would each present challenges to the Magic in the first round. I'd rather draw the 76ers. Although they have indeed won 20 of their last 27 games, as Schmitz points out, they're also a poor three-point shooting team, and we have the firepower to bury them early in games and to keep them at-bay. Washington, even with Arenas back, doesn't scare me nearly as much as the struggling Raptors do. Chris Bosh could average 35 points a game over the course of a single series, and the T.J. Ford/Jose Calderon point guard monster would have its way with our point guards. No, thanks.
  • Yesterday, Pat Garrity helped the charitable organization Feed the Children distribute food and "personal care items" at the Downtown Recreation Center. Garrity isn't much of an asset to the Magic on the court, but he's a great asset off it, which is why I hope the Magic can make room for him in their community relations department.
  • A few days ago, Sentinel scribe Mike Bianchi wrote about the significance of winning the Southeast. There are times when I really disagree with Mike. This is not one of those times.
  • Speaking of, the Magic's online shop now carries this t-shirt and this hat to commemorate the Magic's Southeast Division championship.

A quick site-related note: Mike From Illinois, whom you may know from Orlando Magic Blog, will handle 3QC's recapping duties for the Magic's next three games: Saturday against Cleveland, Sunday against New York, and Wednesday against Chicago. I'm taking a bit of a break from writing recaps, but I'll still post previews and open threads. Thanks to Mike for agreeing to pinch-hit.