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Eastern Conference First Round: Magic vs. Raptors, Game One

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Eastern Conference Playoffs, Round One
Toronto Raptors main logo
Orlando Magic main logo
First-Round Series Tied, 0-0
Amway Arena
12:30 PM
Probable starters:
T.J. Ford PG Jameer Nelson
Anthony Parker SG Maurice Evans
Andrea Bargani
SF Hedo Turkoglu
Chris Bosh PF Rashard Lewis
R. Nesterovic C Dwight Howard
Series Central

The most compelling (yet least respected) first-round series in the Eastern Conference is now officially underway. Discuss the first game here. The new comment interface means you don't have to refresh your page at all; it's truly a live thread.

Will the Magic win their first playoff game since 2003? We're about to find out.

Go Magic.

EDIT: I've linked to these Raptors sites in the blogroll, but I'm linking them again here. They're all very well done. Check 'em out.

[Note by Ben Q Rock, 04/20/08 12:44 PM EDT ]
The Raptors started Andrea Bargnani, not Jamario Moon, at small forward, hoping Bargnani's size (7'0") would frustrate Hedo Turkoglu.