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Orlando Magic Will Play Toronto Raptors in First Round of NBA Playoffs

The Toronto Raptors' victory over the Miami Heat tonight, combined with the Philadelphia 76ers' loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, assured the Raptors the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs and a first-round matchup with the Orlando Magic. The Cavaliers benefited from a questionable foul-call with 0.2 seconds remaining. Odenized has the video.

Bad news for us, because I really would prefer to play Philadelphia. But the Raptors haven't played well lately, as Doug Smith notes (HT: TrueHoop) and are vulnerable. Then again, we aren't exactly blowing teams out either. Maybe a matchup against the Magic is just what the Raptors need. Chris Bosh (averaging 33.0 points, 7.5 rebounds, .645 FG% vs. Orlando this season) and Jose Calderon (14.3 points, 7.3 assists, .600 FG%) must be salivating right now...

I'm not looking forward to the playoffs. It's nice to be there, but that's simply not good enough. And against the Raptors, I'm not sure we'll stick around very long.