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Some Site-Related Notes

Some site news for Thursday...

  • Next Friday, just before the start of the playoffs, Third Quarter Collapse will migrate to the new and improved SB Nation 2.0 format. You can get a taste of what it'll look like by checking out any of SB Nation's baseball blogs. DRays Bay and Fishstripes cover the Rays and Marlins, respectively, and they look fantastic. Note that every post and every comment will move over, and the URL will stay the same.
  • Hardwood Paroxysm is conducting a Reader's Choice poll for NBA blogs. 3QC is up for Rookie Blogger of the Year, Best Southeast Division Blog, and Best Eastern Conference Blog. You can vote by clicking here.
  • Mike From Illinois, who's done the past three recaps for us, will also recap Sunday's game versus the Bulls. His site is Orlando Magic Blog.
  • Florida Sports Report is a cool resource with links to news on each Florida sports team.

The Magic are back in action tomorrow night against Minnesota. If you can't wait until then to catch some NBA basketball, for the love of goodness, PLEASE watch the Warriors and Nuggets tonight (8 PM, TNT). The loser is basically out of the playoff hunt in the really freakin' competitive West.