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Off-Day Open Thread: J.J. Redick Madness!

J.J. Redick of the Orlando Magic poses for a portrait.
3QC is J.J.'s website. I just write on it.
File photo by Thearon Henderson, Getty Images

Remember when I linked to Mavs Moneyball's comprehensive rundown of the Jason Kidd trade? Well, I'm trying my hand at similarly covering J.J. Redick's season. 3QC user Brutalfacts wrote in this comment that he's "sick and tired of JJ, JJ talk, JJ speculation, discussion of JJ's future, JJ's whining about his 'role' and at this point just about everything JJ related." Sorry, Brutalfacts.

Note that some of the links in the 3QC stories below may have rotted. John Denton's forum automatically deletes threads after a certain amount of time has elapsed; ditto with the Orlando Sentinel's stories.

And without further ado...

So, what do you guys think about J.J.? Does he deserve a spot in the rotation? Does he have a future with this team? Did Otis Smith make a mistake in drafting him? Make yourself heard in the comments.