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Redick to Central Florida News 13: "I don't think I'll be here a long time."

After last night's win over the Raptors, J.J. Redick told Jon Hirozawa of Central Florida News 13 that he and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy have talked recently about Redick's role with the team. From the article (emphasis mine):

"We've talked and he's made it clear that I'm not going to be in the rotation. There's nothing I can do. Right now I'm just thinking about my future and I'm working for that more so than trying to get in the rotation. I don't think I'll be here a long time. I think Stan is going to be here a long time and his philosophy and my phillosophy don't really go together," Redick told Hirozawa.

You can watch a video of the brief postgame conversation here.

Perhaps this interview will sway Magic GM Otis Smith, who made it explicitly clear in the weeks leading up to the NBA trading deadline that he has no interest in trading Redick. Then again, with Keyon Dooling and Maurice Evans' impending free-agency, and Keith Bogans' ability to opt-out, and Redick may find himself in the rotation next year. But it certainly appears as though Redick and Van Gundy do not get along well, and it may behoove Smith to listen to trade offers for Redick this summer.

One thing that puzzles me about this situation: Redick says his philosophy is incompatible with Van Gundy's, yet Redick is a three-point assassin and the Magic, under Van Gundy, have transformed into one of the league's best three-point shooting teams.

Huge hat-tip to user J Staff at John Denton's Magic board.