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Orlando Magic News for March 30th: Preparing for the Playoffs

A few Sunday links...

  • Don't forget to register your thoughts regarding the Magic's rumored uniform change. Scroll down on the main page or click here to get to the discussion thread.
  • The Magic aren't exactly sure whether they'll face Philadelphia, Toronto, or Washington in the first round of the playoffs, so they're having to prepare for every possible matchup, writes Tim Povtak:

    Not only are they [the coaching staff] still watching film on each of the upcoming regular-season opponents, they will spend the weekend watching video of Washington, Toronto and Philadelphia games, looking to see what works and what doesn't work against each team.

  • I'm way too late in linking to this post, but here it is: Hornets247 has Round 9 of the Blogger MVP/ROY rankings. There's a tie at the top of the MVP rankings! Madness!
  • A few days ago, Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm posted the transcript of his interview with Dan Reed, the President of the D-League. Check it out. I wish the Magic used the D-League better than they do; they sent J.J. Redick and James Augustine down on separate occasions last year, and sent Marcin Gortat down once this year, but overall they don't seem too keen on developing their players there.
  • The blog Triviality of Basketball got an exclusive interview with Adonal Foyle. The Magic's backup center discusses his favorite arenas to visit, how he defends Dwight Howard in practice, his love for poetry, and his post-basketball career plans. Cool stuff.