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Halftime in Milwaukee: Orlando Magic 60, Milwaukee Bucks 43

  • It seems like Hedo Turkglu has missed 15 layups. Still, we lead by 17 despite Turk shooting 2-for-9. Ladies and gentlemen, your Milwaukee Bucks!
  • We're well on our way to a franchise-record 24th road victory.
  • Some of the Bucks are wearing crimson headbands. Actually, they're fuschia; maybe the headband company couldn't accurately duplicate the reddish accent color on the Bucks' uniforms. Either way, it's an...uh... interesting look.
  • I love Charlie Villanueva, but he's taken some horrible shots tonight. That line-drive hook right at the rim doesn't look too great, no.
  • Also not great about V-Nuv: his temper. After not getting a call on the offensive end, he turned directly to referee Bennett Salvatore while the ball was still in play and stated, in no uncertain terms, that Salvatore had an Oedipal relationship with his mother. Bennett, not a fan of Greek drama, T'd up Charlie.
  • Brian THE COOKIE MONSTER Cook has risen: 12 points on 4-of-6 shooting, and 2-of-4 from downtown. David Steele mentioned the Magic are 9-1 when COOKIE MONSTER hits two triples or more. This bodes well. Well, that and the 17-point lead, not necessarily in that order.
  • The Bucks' three available centers combined to foul Dwight Howard 8 times. Jake Voskuhl had the gumption to confront Dwight after fouling him, which I respect. Voskuhl did what seven-foot scrubs are supposed to do when they're about to get dunked into posterdom: he fouled Dwight hard. I like that. You have 6 fouls: use them wisely.
  • Mo Williams guns for stats about as conspicuously as any player I've ever seen. The box score says he has four assists, but I don't recall him passing the ball at all in the first half.
  • J.J. Redick and Marcin Gortat figure to get fairly significant tick in the fourth quarter if the rotation players can hold this lead.